South Africa COTY 2017 BIS-Winner Supreme Ch. Alomi's Bamboozle of Lauvander - (1)
Flamelynx Point Himalayan male. Pictured at 5� months. S: Triple GC St.Jude Sauterne of Alomi x D: Alomi's Cinnamon Swirl

Alomi's Budolfi of St.Jude - (1)
Black CPC Exotic male. DOB: 10th of September 2014. Sire: Alomi's Zolar Plexus - Dam: Alomi's Klaskepot

Alomi's Blomme - Bluepoint Himalayan - (1)
Son of GC Tallin's Bandit of Alomi x Alomi's Oh! L'Amour.

Alomi's Fabergé - (1)
Tortiepoint Himalayan. S: Alomi's Wild Zappa x D: Alomi's Follow Ur Blizz

Alomi's Gaudi - (1)
Brown Tabby CPC Persian Male. S: GC Mountcascade's Oh! Romeo of Alomi x D: Jazzycats Tillycum

Alomi's Oh L'Amour - (1)
Tortie point Himalayan. Sire: Ch. InTheWind Ya Got Mail of Alomi - Dam: Int.Ch. Keystone She's So Bad of Alomi

Alomi's Raimondo - Flamepoint Himalayan male - (1)
Son of GC Tallin's Bandit of Alomi x Alomi's Oh! L'Amour.

At Jay & John's (Compri) farm in NC - October 2009 - (3)
Visisted Jay & John in North Carolina in October 2009. Took a lot of pictures. However none of their wonderful cats... Want to share a few of the pics that was taken. You will see there were other things than cats to admire. The nature of North Carolina is breathtaking at this time of year. The farm itself and the beautiful Alpacas were just amazing... Hope You enjoy the pics just half as much as I enjoyed my stay there. THANK YOU Jay & John!

CFA Ch. Alomi's Disco Fever of Kittystone DM - (1)
Bluecream Point Himalayan. S: Gr.Int.Ch. & GC TEAHS Winter's Frost of Alomi x D: Int.Ch. Keystone's She's So Bad of Alomi

CFA Ch. Alomi's Marquis Macon - (2)
Seallynx Point Himalayan Male. S: Alomi's Wild Zappa x D: Alomi's Oh! L'Amour

CFA Ch. Alomi's Mickey of Catley Crue - (1)
Bluelynx Point Himalayan Male. S: Keystone Zoogin of Alomi x Keystone Sizzel of Alomi.

CFA GC Alomi's On The Rocks - (1)
Flamepoint male. "Rocky" was Best Himalayan Kitten in Japan in the 2002-2003 showseason. He went on to produce several top kittens. "Rocky" is out of GC TEAHS Winter's Frost of Alomi x Purrbox Zignature of Alomi.

CFA Grand Champion Alomi's Orange Julius - (4)
Red Persian CPC - BEST IN SHOW WINNER 8th of november 2009. Now owned and shown by Jay Langlois/Compri cattery. Picture taken @ 6 months - January 2010, at a show in Jacksonville/Florida where "Jules" made a 2nd Best Kitten win. Way to go, Jules..... And lot's of greetings from Your parents: Alomi's Propaganda x Alomi's Oh! L'Amour. Julius Granded at the Raleigh NC show on the 20th of March 2010, at his 9 months birthday.

Ch. Alomi's Klaskepot - (1)
Tortie CPC Exotic

GC + FIFe Champion + Multi BIS winner Mandrake's Red Leader of Alomi - (1)
Red Exotic male.

GC DW Alomi's Rapunzel of Winz - (2)
Creampoint Himalayan male. Oneshow Grand @ 9 months. CFA's 4th Best Himalayan in Championship 2013-2014.

GC RW Alomi's Zillion Dollar Baby - (1)
Seallynx Point Himalayan Female. S: Gr.Int.Ch. & GC TEAHS Winter's Frost of Alomi x D: Purrbox Zignature of Alomi.

Gr.Int.Ch. - COTY Alomi's Hot Date - (1)
Red ESH Female. S: Profecii's Orange Juice of Alomi x D: Barmont Beluga of Alomi. Owned and beautifully shown by Sonja Hansen/Vinderoed cattery.

In The Mountains of North Carolina - (23)
The view from the hills were..... breathtaking!

Int.Ch. Alomi's Raquel - (1)
Flame Point female. S: Jetset Willy Wonka of Alomi - D: Alomi's Oh! L'Amour

Int.Ch. Alomi's Wicked Whimsey - (3)
Black ESH CPC Female. S: Compri Bobby Brown of Alomi x D: Alomi's It's Rainin' Men

Jay's Visit to Hong Kong in February 2013 - (1)
During his visit in Hong Kong in February 2013 Jay visited friends and attended The Spring Champion Show Februar the 2.-3. Here is Jay with Mee and her two sons. The cat is FIVEGRAIN LOVE BUG - Flamepoint Himalayan male - Highest scoring Himalayan in Championship. The judge is JoAnn Blackwell.