Sunspirit Mable Sugar of Alomi - (1)
Flamepoint Himalayan female DOB: 10th of August 2017

Chunlap Milton of Alomi - (4)
Creampoint Exotic male - DOB 8th of January 2015

Alomi's Rabumba Rubble - (1)
Flamepoint Exotic female. Littersister to Alomi's Rya Rubble. Why keep two females from the same litter? Well, when they were kittens I couldn't decide which one to keep, and I ended up keeping both. Rabumba does not have the same body as Rya, but her eyecolor turned out better than Rya's.

Alomi's Rya Rubble - (5)
Flamepoint Exotic female. Rya was born in August 2015 and she and her littersister Alomi's Rabumba Rubble is the only two pointed Exotics I got from Triple GC St Jude Sauterne of Alomi. Rya not only has a refined head... Her body and structure are "the figment of my imagination".

Alomi's Vera - (1)
Sealpoint Exotic female. DOB: 6th of august 2013. Sire: Compri Nelson of Alomi Dam: Tutu Delle Lune Saracene of Alomi

Fantasycats Sharon of Alomi - (2)
Bluecream point ELH

Alomi's Flosshilde - (3)
Flame point Exotic female. DOB: 8th of September 2016. Flosshilde is build like a shoebox...Her body and structure is everything I wish to see in an Exotic. Even though she started cycling at a very young age, she kept her weight. Hopefully she will pass her massive appearance on to her future babies. Flosshilde is the littersister of Alomi's Woglinde (red tabby CPC Exotic).

Alomi's Gus - (2)
Red Tabby CPC Exotic male. DOB: 23rd of March 2014. Sire of Alomi's Sixtus of Sunspirit, Alomi's Flosshilde and Alomi's Woglinde.

Alomi's Woglinde - (1)
Redtabby CPC Exotic female. DOB: 8th September 2016. Woglinde is now living with Deborah Zardony/Italy.